Feeling GREAT!

Crazy Weather!

So last night for some silly reason or another it snowed here on the Oregon Coast.  I moved from UT to get away from all this crazy weather but I guess I was wrong.  Being next to the ocean you would like that this would not be happening well it did!  Do have to admit it was BEAUTIFUL.  I thought ok make the best of it.  You can't really go outside you will freeze your ASS off so stay in and clean.....and I did just that.  I put away so many boxes of kitchen stuff, cleaned the bathroom and put away a lot of my cloths!

Then when I wake up this morning I saw the sun and I thought OK it will all be gone and it will just be a cool coastal day.  I was WRONG!!  The roads are icy and the wind it blowing pretty good.  I did my small amount of shopping (thank god my christmas shopping is done) and came straight home!

kierana_us  is on call at the Fire Department on Wednesday and he is all for excited because it is suppose to snow again and he hasn't had that many calls.  I think that sounds bad but I understand.....I don't mind if he gets a lot of calls as long as 1.  He or who ever is driving, drives safe and 2. They are ok! (The people he will be helping)

People out here do not get that much snow so they don't know how to drive in it let a only BLACK ice roads....kierana_us is from MI and I am from UT so this is nothing new but I swear that it feels soooo much colder then I remember.  But of course I haven't had a UT summer in like a year and an half.

kierana_us is at work and I am staying inside with my babies!  I really hope that the power doesn't go out!!!!!  I know that just cuz i said that it will!

Ok will PEACE out, I am go and stay warm!


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