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The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple.

Bitchy Boo
27 July 1980
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I have been married to Jacob since June 2002. Jacob has bipolar and seizures. Have a great Mom and Dad, a brother would do anything and I love my in-laws! My best friends are Sheri and Nick and I don't know what I would do without them. Just moved to Oregon with one of my best friends Sheri, her son Josh and their dog Alya. Oh I have 4 Cats Georgie Boi, Benni Li, Seamus Finegan & Merlyn Midnyte. Love reality TV. The all time reality TV show would have to be Big Brother! Love it! I really do love all kinds of music but all time favorite is ANYTHING 80's. I don't read to much but I love the Harry Potter books. Some GREAT movies of all times are; When Harry Meet Sally, Grease and pretty much anything with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John Cuzack

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